Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goats are Trouble

Spent most of yesterday fixing up the front field fence (well... I supervised while hubby did it!) and they still managed to get out! And into the horse feed...
That was Maddie's Fat 'n Fibre
Still fed the stuff off the concrete
but everything mixed into the dirt
is garbage.

We love the guys over at Rooney's Feeds! They've been very helpful with all our supply/farm needs; but they've also given us a lot of really good advice. Although I think we've given them a few good stories to tell too! Hubs had to run in this morning and get some more feed for Maddie, he also asked the owner what to do about the darn goats.

Apparently, goat farmers will just pop their goat's stomachs with a knife to release the air from the bloat... The feed-store owner suggested the bloat eze would probably be a better solution for us!

The less messy option

Horse feed can actually kill sheep because of the copper content and it's not good for the goats. So spending today cleaning out the old grain room, which we now realize we should have been using all along! It will be just perfect for the feed & tack.

The gang has been laying around most of the day, baaaing like the boys after Thanksgiving dinner.

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