Knit, Sew, Crochet, Craft!

I have been knitting for many, many years now; it's one of my favourite hobbies. I find it very relaxing and I love creating little things to use around the house.
The never-ending gloves
Dino was a gift

Baby Blanket

I mostly knit toys, although I've been trying to get into making more clothing. Both my children have baby blankets that I've made them. They've both got tons of hats and gloves that actually fit a little child, plus my 3 y/o has some with his initials. My poor husband has gloves that I started about 2 year ago that are still sitting on my book shelf half finished.

I've made tons and tons of pet toys over the years, they are always a big hit for gifts or with my own pets. 

Dog Bone
Always a hit!
I do most of my knitting in the winter, because I'm too busy in the summer with gardening and other things.

If you're going to learn to knit the best way to do that is visit your local small business yarn shop (a.k.a. not Micheals or Walmart!) and see if someone has time to teach you or if they give classes.

I am an absolutely-books-for-dummies-beginner sewer. I can sew things in a mostly straight line on my machine, although I usually forget what settings I actually want.

It's something I've really been wanting to learn, but for now I can put buttons back on things, and for the most part, stick two pieces of fabric together.

I just learned how to crochet in the last year, I had been wanting to learn because there are lots of neat toy designs you can only do with a crochet hook. It's really simple to learn, especially coming from knitting.

The kids and I love to make crafts together! We still have to go with pretty baby-friendly crafts as they aren't too good with directions, but come holiday time I will definitely have some fun ones to share.

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