Saturday, July 16, 2011

Billy Update

Billy is doing very very well!
He is turning 6 weeks (we think) this weekend, and he's gotten so fat he's ready to wean (which a bottle baby should be doing at 6 weeks anyway).

He's got his buddies the goats who are showing him he's bottom of the pecking order. A really good thing considering the massive weaponry that is coming in on his head!

jacob ram
Full grown Jacobs Ram
Souce: ALBC

His foot has healed and he's no longer limping. Amazing what a little bit of food & care will do for a lamb!

Billy has a home here for the rest of his life, and will hopefully be producing some lovely wool for me. He's just one of the family now, and comes running when you call for him. I'm sure something that will be only slightly less adorable when he's 120lbs! He's got a date with an elastic band in a few weeks (not for his horns) to keep him friendly.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Classic Sight

We've got ourselves a barn rooster. The Henny's new eggs came with the stipulation we take one of two fighting roosters home, and so this guy arrived in our yard.

He's going to be barn rooster, free to eat all the little buggies he wants. Hopefully he'll be smart enough to roost indoors at night and stay away from the cat...

It was this or the stock pot, so
"barn rooster" is not a bad job of an extra
Roo to get!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ugly Duckling Stage

Okay, they're still pretty cute...

Duckies are now about 6 weeks of age and starting to feather out.

Huey, Dewie & Louie

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miss Kitty is NOT Impressed

I stole the great huntress' lunch. I'm not really quite sure what it is but I've been told it was probably a martin and I probably should not have taken it away from M.K. and will live to regret setting him free ...

So long little guy! Never return please!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Henny did not do well at motherhood (ewwwwww)

Did not take any pictures to share because it was a little too much for me & I'm not all that squeamish. I had not yet moved Henny to a secluded nest away from the other chickens, and now I know why you are supposed to do that!

Originally she was setting on 4 eggs, a few days ago I noticed there were only 3. I thought, perhaps one was bad so she broke it, or it fell out of the nest by accident (sides are pretty high, that would be hard to do), or perhaps my 3 year old got behind my back and snuck it off somewhere (a very likely scenario), so I let it go.

I went in to turn in last night and I noticed she's in the wrong nest. Who thought chicken where this... well... they aren't smart! She had pecked open/the shell had broken on one of her remaining eggs (and there was definitely a chick in there, hence the no pictures -barf!-) and abandoned her other 2 for Penny's non-fertile egg.

Hennys remaining eggs were stone-cold, (while the non-fertile was nice and toasty!). I waited till dark to candle them, one is infertile & really surprisingly we got movement in the other. So we'll see what develops (or not)!

Henny & Penny may be joining the meat chicks (who are arriving before the end of the month!) on their final voyage. The ladies just aren't giving me eggs regularly and they are both bossy and un-friendly to the other chickens. They'd better pull of some pretty big trick if they want to stay.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Roll Call!

We've been here for just over a month now.
A very exciting, very exhausting month! 

The farm dogs
Madison (doberman x border collie) and Kayla (smooth coated collie)
5 & 4 1/2 and amazing puppies!

The beautiful and talented Iberian Warmblood Meg (AndalusianX) 

4 Shorthorn cows (2 mamas, 2 bull-babies) 

3 Muskovy ducklings

1 Mystery "Barn Rooster"
(he comes and goes as he pleases, no one is sure what he is)

6 Cuckoo Maran Chicks
(Were supposed to be Barred Plymouth rock!)

4 Narragansett Turkey

Lenny the Dominique rooster. 
(Also supposed to a BPR!)

Henny (Deleware) and her mystery-chick eggs.

Penny (a real Barred Plymouth Rock) laying hen 

The gorgeous & talented Miss Kitty.
She predicts the weather!
(not kidding, she was a stray who found us & she always seems to know when it's going to rain and heads inside for cover)

Not the brightest bulb in the box... but we love her :)

Oscar, a.k.a. Big Fat Oscar. 
Peaches' son, so we've had him since he was born, and he is the laziest, sweetest kitty that ever grew so large!

2 Saanen Goats 
(no names still!) 

And of course there is Billy!

We're finished expanding the farm for just right now, although if I can get things lined up, there may be just one more 4 hooved creature coming to stay.