Friday, October 21, 2011

KSCC: Victory Barnyard

Okay, seriously, how cute are these patterns!?
I know I've mentioned Purple Kitty before, these are all free vintage patterns. 

Vintage patterns can be a little bit tricky for a new knitter because you need to adjust for gauge and differences in wool. The best way to learn about things like gauge and how to use them is to check out the free Knit Picks podcast. I have to warn you though, they have beautiful yarns and gorgeous needles, all of which are very hard to resist (I didn't last long, Wool of the Andes is what I used on the kids baby blankets, soft and beautiful and it can survive at least one accidental washing).

Unlike trying to adapt a dress or sweater from a vintage pattern, if you mess up your gauge on a toy, it still fits. So they are a great place to start!

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