Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ah! Winter...

 The best way to convince goats to come in the barn... lock them out!

We had a bit of freezing rain all day so the horses are in the barn warming up, it's also supposed to rain again in the next few hours then clear overnight. So they'll stay in until about 10pm then they can go back out.

I let the ducks out, but the chickens stayed in the coop all day & I can't believe how much warmer it is in there! Because we only have people & not "chicken" doors, the doors stay open most of the day & the chickens go outside & running around. Looks like I've got really good reason to keep them in on really cold days (when they don't really want out anyway). It's nice our coop is so big they can still run around when locked in.

 The de-icer that got left here by former owners works great! This thing was frozen so solid this morning I had to get a rock, about 2 hours later & it's clear! Beautiful, saves me from having to buy one.

This hose on the other hand... is not coming out until Spring. It was really muddy and warm one day (and one of the cows must have stepped on the hose, it's DOWN there!) and then froze solid the next day. I've tried buckets & buckets of boiling water, but it is stuck

The Joys of Winter...
At least all the mud is gone!

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