Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HK 101: Blanket Styles

There are lots of different styles of blankets. Firstly you need to consider the needs of your horse, and how often they are outside and in what weather, as well as your budget.

Front closures,
very easy with mitts on
Megs got fairly cheap, but warm and sturdy, blankets, Maddie's are more expensive and the ones I would buy in the future. You can get blankets pretty cheap when you buy them off-season or you can find them used.  Just make sure you don't pay more for them used then you would off season!

Chest straps,
Impossible to get on with gloves!
Let's start at the front, you can get them with straps or you can get them with closures. You want ones with closures if you have outdoor horses like I do. The strap front that Meg has is impossible to get on with gloves on, so if it's cold I freeze my hands off trying to get them done up. Meg's winter blanket has the same straps, Maddie's has 3 nice clips on the front which are very easy to get done up.

Belly Straps
Meg & Maddie's rain sheet both have two belly straps, Maddie's winter blanket has three. They aren't very different, Maddie's winter blanket hugs his belly a little better.

Proper leg straps
Leg straps are the one place Meg's blankets win of Maddie's. Maddie's blankets have tail-straps, they're quicker to get one but don't provide as much protection against the blanket lifting up at the back if the horse rolls. By the same token, a horse can not get their legs caught up in a tail strap like they would a leg strap. Leg straps should be kept nice and snug to the leg, whether or not you cross them is personal preference but you really don't need to unless your leg straps have stretched out and don't keep the blanket down snug any more.
Under the tail strap

Hung in the feed-room.
Don't forget when you're done with your blanket to hang it up where the air can get to it. You really only want to leave a blanket folded if it's for a short amount of time or if you've had them washed properly.

Happy Shopping!

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