Thursday, March 29, 2012

Egg Shell Pots

Little project for a Thursday, quick and easy and cheap with the dozen eggs we get every day!
A number of the eggs I collect every day are unsellable, either their really dirty or cracked. These go straight to either the dogs or the piggies, which they're more the happy to gobble down!

So to start with I blew out the eggs, this does take a bit of practice. It's a fun project for older children, but you have to blow fairly hard and treat the egg shell gently so doesn't work well with young kids.

You can see the little tool I used in the upper corner on the egg carton, it's a skewer for trussing a turkey. Nice and sharp easy to hold. So you pop a hole in either side of the egg using a quick darting motion, and breaking up the yolk while you do this, then just blow the contents into a bowl.

Then I took off the tops of the shells, quite easy to do just being careful and taking a bit at a time. 

Then it was time to call in the boys! Playing in dirt is always so much fun!

Seeds were a bit of a challenge, I didn't want to put anything in that was going to grow too large too quickly, and that meant these were pretty small seeds. Fine for my 4 year old with a lot of help, 2 year old wasn't able to handle this job, but was happy just to play in the dirt!

Sitting in the sun with a bowl of beets I'm hoping to pre-germinate and get in the ground, as well as some cherry tomatoes!

The egg-shells can be planted straight out into the garden, I would break up the bottom of the shell a little right before sticking them in the ground. But the shell will help to fertilize and provide extra calcium for the seedlings. If I was still getting 80g jumbo eggs, this would probably be a great way to start tomatoes! 

Is it wrong to chose a certain product over another because of the fantastic container they come in? Love these things!!

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