Friday, March 23, 2012

The End of Uggo

I finally caught the little bugger, and despite my son's suggestion that I "put him down, I don't want to eat him" it was the end of Uggo.

And I felt more then a little bad about it, but he had the awful cross-beak and wouldn't stay away from the ladies. We tried keeping him in the barn and it just didn't work. So instead of having a whole new generation with that terrible genetic problem (hopefully) I had to cull him.

I really like Joel Salatin's saying about how they have really great lives and just one really bad day.

Well Uggo got a great year, one most people (and definitely never a commercial hatchery) would have given him and then one really bad day.

For the curious my kids went inside with daddy so they didn't have to be around for Uggo's end, and we didn't eat him. Because of his cross-beak he had almost no weight, but I did keep some beautiful feathers.

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