Thursday, April 5, 2012

KSCC Little Butter Keeper

I don't know why I do it. After cooking bacon I just have that compulsion to pour all that deliciously disgusting fat into a little tin or jar and store it away in my fridge. Usually until it gets full then I clean it out and start it all over again. I never actually use the fat! Gross!!

It does make good bird-feeder suet with some seeds in it over the winter. I have also heard it makes amazing pork chops, but me, & my heart, are far too worried to try. So I keep squirreling the stuff away.

The point of my story here, is that I had a mason jar of the stuff sitting on my stove, when I noticed it had cracked evenly all around the middle. Divided completely in half! So my little squirrel instincts kicked in again, and I thought to myself, I'm not throwing this out! What can I do with it?

I removed the offending bacon fat, and washed the jar. Then sanded down the sides.
And now... I have a perfectly lovely keeper of a fat I really love!

You can slice a mason jar using wine-bottle cutting techniques (I believe this just involves a strong wire and some time) if you want to make one. I think it's quite cute!

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