Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So awesome blogger can't contain the BBB any more!


Also known as... I ran out of space on picasa for all the pictures :#
BBB logo
So, I've had to move the blog. I really apologize to anyone who has to update links, bookmarks, RSS feeds, I hope you stay with us!
I've gone straight over to the dark side and into wordpress since that's what my website server supports.
I'd also like to apologize for the messy & sudden switch over, I was trying to upload some more pictures today and we're just right out of room!
The blogger to wordpress import isn't perfect so please let me know if you notice any coding problems on the new blog. I had to copy all the blogs one at a time & may well have missed one.
On the upside, I was able to import over my old Nes' Garden blogs so you can go back in the records of the new blog and see my first venture into gardening & blogging.
More new posts tomorrow! It's been a busy week, I cleaned out the bull pen & hubs fixed the barn door, plus I forgot to blog about my purple potatoes!

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