Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Billy, Meg & New Arrivals


Billy is doing VERY well. He's finally taking full 600ml bottles like he should be, of course he looks like he's eaten a beach ball after downing the whole thing. Billy has also almost stopped limping! So it was just a stone-bruise or something that has resolved itself and he's running about and playing like a little lamb should.

He's moved out to his new digs in the barn, which he's not too impressed since he thinks he's a house-lamb! Right now he's taking every opportunity to break out & run back to sleep on the deck. Yes, cute, but he's pooping everywhere!

The New Arrivals

So I'm off today to pick up two little Saanen billy goats who will hopefully convince Billy to stay out in the barn! No names yet so we'll have to think of something. The seller has told me they got the goats under similar circumstances. The seller breeds miniature goats and someone dropped off the two billys in very bad condition because the original owners didn't know a thing about raising/feeding goats properly. They are now 3 months old and almost up to the weight they should be. I think they'll make great additions to our little herd.

The 2 shorthorn cow/calf pairs are coming this weekend & that's it for new animals for a WHILE! We mostly chose shorthorns because they are what our former landlord raises and we got a good deal on them. Short horns are a dual purpose cow, and are known for their excellent temperament. They are also delicious! I think even if we hadn't already had a good line on purchasing a pair, shorthorns would be what I would choose for our farm. I really like dual purpose animals.

The golden mare has arrived home!!

I've had Meg for almost 6 years now. We've been through a lot over those years, learned a lot, and enjoyed each others company. Since the kids came along I've had a lot less time for my favourite hobby, but now my girl is home! It's so wonderful to be able to see her every day, manage her feed, and yes, even clean her stall, the way I want.

And the best part is, if I can't find someone to transport the cows for a reasonable price, we can always hitch'er up for an ol' fashion cattle drive!! (I am hopefully kidding!) 

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