Friday, June 24, 2011


Just after he arrived home!
He went the whole 20 minute trip in my lap, next time we'll
leave a dog-crate in the car, just in case... 
My husband has always wanted some goats, so when we saw this cute little ball of wool hiding in the back of his dog crate at the auction we had to bring him home. Yes, I say wool because apparently he missed sheep vs. goats 101 (I can't blame him, Billy has tricked a couple people, he really looks like a goat!).
Our you my Mommy?
Poor Madison!

Billy is our first official four-legged farm animal since the horses & cows don't arrive until next week. We brought him home as a pet so hopefully he'll have a very long and happy life with us. He's already a total sweet-heart, just loves to cuddle right into your lap.

Lunch Time!
We're not sure what breed he is (and he is probably a mix) but I definitely think he's a smaller breed, like a Shetland, because of his size. The auctioneer said he was 2 weeks old, way too young to be off his mom. He also can't eat as much milk replacer at a time as a lamb his age is supposed to, but he eats enough to fill his little tummy and seems to be thriving!

The little guy is sleeping in the garage until we get the rest of the animals home (a lone little lamb is a dinner bell for the coyotes), although it occurred to me later he probably could have stayed in the chicken coop... at least this is more convenient for feedings!

Exhausted from all this activity! 
He's taking a bottle about once every two hours except at night, and drinks between 100-150ml each time. He's also grazing away on our lawn, and especially my miniature rose bush which apparently was a lovely snack... Oh Billy! :)

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