Friday, July 22, 2011

Basic Fence Safety (Part 4) Gates.

These gates were preexisting to the farm, and I have to say, they are a pretty inexpensive & ingenious way to do internal gates! It's basically a metal tubular frame, with fence wire wrapped over it. They are very lightweight and easy to move. 

Field fence wrapped gate into the cow field. 
Also between the sacrifice pasture
& the back pasture. 

This one had holes in it so we re-did it with a
smaller sized wire. It's the gate out of the
sacrifice paddock.
I have to say, I consider this gate
VERY safe for all my animals

We also have an electric gate.

Little hard to see, but it's sort of a
long springy coil of wire
I know you can get them from TSC
for about $25
I've never seen this type used with horses before, my mare is so scared of electric she won't come within 10' of this thing when it's stretched across. We are going to replace it very soon with a proper electric "gate".

Hubby just put it up
on hinges! Makes getting
in and out of the driveway
a little easier. 
This is the front gate to the property, your typical live-stock gate. They are pretty popular for horse gates, but make sure the tubes are close together enough that your horse isn't going to stick a leg through. This one is also hollow, so I wouldn't use it with any livestock. If they broke a tube it would be a very sharp thing to impale themselves on.

The most important thing about your gate is to remember to keep it closed!

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