Monday, July 25, 2011

The Meat Birds

50 little white rock birds from MillPond Hatchery

Little chickies arrive at home.
You wouldn't believe how loud the feed store was!!

So the boys & I set up one of the "lamb/goat" stall up for the chickens (since the lamb & goats are down the end of the barn now). I was thinking I should keep all the chickies at the end because they are small, I didn't want them to wander away from the food/water. New to baby chicks much?

Yeah, they all immediately piled out!! 


So my 18 m/o, 3 y/o and I are running around trying to get the chicks. 3 y/o is grabbing and throwing the chickies back into their pen (so glad little guys bounce a bit! he didn't hurt any of them), 18 m/o is running away from the chickens, and I'm wracking my brains for a way to keep these silly things in!! 

Oh yeah, and the dogs are standing around licking their chops... good girls didn't touch a single feather!

The feed-bags keep the chicks
from picking at the shavings
and eating them instead of food

Remembering we've got wood at the front I managed a makeshift barrier, and plugged the hole on the side with a yucky bale of hay. 

Don't ask about all the feed on the floor...
There were goats involved!

Dealing with the heat-wave best we can, the chickies have their fan on & electrolytes in their water and hopefully we'll have something we can eat in 2 months! 

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