Sunday, September 18, 2011

Outdoor Feed Station

It's just too beautiful to bring the ponies in, even for meals. They love being outdoors so I hate to lock them in, plus this is much faster. However, the goats love getting into the horse feed, so we had to put Maddie's feed bucket where they couldn't get into it.

This has worked very well. We didn't use a post because they all have electric fence on it, and it's not nice to get zapped while you're eating your breakfast. In the future we'll build something more permanent in their shelter (To Be Built).

Now, if only I could get Maddie to stop dribbling food to the goats...

(Blog note: I wrote this before Meg got hung up on the fence, she's fine, more about that Tuesday. As of the 15th we're not using the feed station any more, it did work really well for a month though and we'll be incorporating outdoor feed stations into the plan for the paddocks next year.)

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