Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bye Bye Manure Machine

Hey there is something missing here!!

This dangerous, no longer useful apparatus is completely out of the pasture! I'm so glad too, I was really worried about Maddie hitting his head off it one day, especially as they are coming into the barn past it now.

There is tons of delicious composted manure underneath the machine. For whatever reason, the land all around the manure machine is very poor, compared to the rest of our pasture which is very rich. There is lots of clover, showing poor nitrogen in the soil, and the soil is very hard and compact. May be there is a high sand or clay deposit here under the soil compared to the rest of the pasture. Either way, it means I've been breaking my back spreading all the black gold from under the old machine out all around it, which the chickens are very happy about.

Hubby had to slice the whole thing apart with the chain saw so we can get it out of the field. It took us about 3 hours start to finish with the boy's help. I definitely feel I can sleep better at night knowing this is gone! One more off the T.D.B.W. (To be done before winter) list!!

Although it's a neat piece of old farm machinery, even if this had been in good condition I wouldn't have wanted to keep it. It took up a large part of the pasture, and it was dangerous for the horses. There is still a large section in the cow part that we haven't removed yet & that dump cart itself. 

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