Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buck, Buck, BuurrrACK! New Chickens!

I believe these girls (there are two
very similar)are
Bantam Araucana/Ameraucana/
Easter Eggers
(those are all the same thing)

Long story short (and especially because it's not mine to tell) I picked up some lovely free chickens. We got really lucky because they are all just beautiful!
Since we still don't have any place to segregate new comers (that happens when we re-design & re-build the coop in the near-ish future), and I wasn't worried about health (these birds are gorgeous and healthy!) and I had to introduce them at night. I grabbed Lenny and stuck him in the barn, that way the new Roo was left with his girls to protect them, with the young marrans, the turkeys and the ducks. The new Roo is a wonderful male, very protective and exhibits all the best qualities of a good rooster. So he kept everyone from fighting the first night (a few scraps with Huey, the duck, got them to back off) and everything went very well.
I think the new Roo is a standard

White Capped Polish!
I've been looking at buying one of this gals for a
bit, but right now we're just working on getting
the farm going before investing in any fancies.
This gal is as fancy as they come!
A real beauty! I'll have to buy her a boy now...

During the day I let the turkeys, ducks, marrans out of the coop of their normal foraging around the farm; and left all the new guys in the coop with the run door open so they could go out there. Lenny came in with his girls tonight, everyone is sleeping peacefully (new boy in the rafters with his girls) but I'll be up really early tomorrow to break up the boys before they wake up too much.
I am probably most excited by the
camera-shy black cochin.
Our cochin chicks were my
favourite of the first chicks we bought
as we lost both of them.
I love my little fuzzy already!

Eventually they should get along alright. We don't have enough mature hens to split up, but we do have a lot of fowl in general (ducks and turkeys included). Lenny & Teddy had their scraps at first, but they get a long just fine now & I'm hoping things will be the same with the new boy.
A lovely Barred Plymouth Rock, I think.

All roosters (and hens too!) have their own personalities. If these guys are incompatible we will have to separate them. But roosters, if given adequate room to stay away from each other, can get along just fine! We've got a nice big coop, plus the chickens normally have the run of the farm, so having 3 mature roosters shouldn't be any problem as long as they don't make it a problem.

Little gal in front is Momma
Little baby Araucana/Ameraucana
I'm pretty sure this the BPR's egg, but Momma
is taking great care of her baby.

That being said, I think Teddy is on his way out with the meat birds. We actually don't need 3 roosters and I have no intention of breeding him. Now that his buddies Hen & Pen are gone, he's got no flock. He's a good Roo, and has adopted all the meat birds, but he's really a barnyard boy and just nothing special to be passing on his genes.

Plus we've got lots of chickens now! In the coop we've got:
- 3 Muscovy ducks & 2 drakes
- 4 Narragansett turkeys
- 4 Cuckoo Marran hens
- 1 Dominque Rooster
- 2 Easter Egger bantam hens & 1 standard rooster
- 2 chicks
- 1 BPR hen
- 1 Buff Orp. hen
- 1 polish hen
- 1 bantam cochin

We don't have a pear tree, but there is an apple in the yard, and we may get partridge next year...

(Update: after getting out first little green eggs, so cute!, the hens are easter eggs, the Rooster is a barnyard mix and I've named him Jester b/c of all the colours) 

12 hours and look what they've already given me!
I had 2 by this evening.
SO excited to have home-laid eggs again.

I think they're happy here
Our chickens have been out of the run for a few
weeks so everything has grown back
nicely and the new guys have lots to
munch on!

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