Thursday, October 6, 2011

Indoor gardening

The garden is still growing, my broccoli and cauliflower will come in soon (if I can keep the birds away from it) I could have planted some late-season beans, carrots, or lettuce. I'm trying to find the time for some fall garlic to go in. But that's all outside where it's getting chilly!

Indoors I'm staring a whole new garden. I am building something for lettuce over the winter,  I'm hoping to adapt something like this "shelf ponics" growing system with our existing fish tank.

I've already discovered I need to get the plants up & away from the little ones, as my 18 m/o ripped half the leaves off my mature pepper plants & destroyed by little seedlings (I'm sure he thought he was helping). So I've got to find some warm, sunny space somewhere in the house, away from the kids... haven't quite figured that one out yet!

I'm hoping to grow peppers, lettuce, and some herbs for the winter. If things are going well a Tomato plants or two (that my turkeys can't get too!) would be great as well.

Sometime in the future we'll be building a greenhouse of the the recycled windows stored in the barn but that's pretty far away.

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