Friday, October 14, 2011

Logo for the Farm

Just been too busy this week to get any crafting done, I've been working on our business plan for the farm. Suddenly I wish I'd paid more attention in those super boring business classes.... no, no, I really don't!!

I've also been working on our farm logo, it's pretty far from being done. I'm still at the stage where I'm going to draw about a dozen different ones before I give it all up and go back to my first one.

If you're looking to have a logo designed for your farm a good way to go is: It's a competitive site, where you offer your business up to a whole bunch of designers who then send in their proposals and you chose the winner. You can buy yourself a professionally done logo for less then $100.

If you're going to market anything, even if you're just a little farm, not planning on selling much of anything, a logo brands your business and helps to separate you from the pack. You want something sleek and stylish, that reflects your business and your philosophies. You can certainly draw something yourself, but make sure you educate yourself about design philosophy first (and there is tons of information on the internet for that).

In my "spare" time (which no longer exists) I do web/logo design & marketing for farms. I'm always happy to give out help because I do it as a passion, not a job. So if you've got any questions you can ask, or I'd send you to my website but I've been so busy with the farm it's down... otherwise it would be: Right now there is nothing there, it's way down on the "to do" list right now.

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