Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Urban-Proof Roosters

The ultimate solution for urban chicken keeps: sustainable, sound-proof, environmentally sound coops! There are lots of urban areas were chickens aren't allowed, and there are lots of people out there trying to change these rules. There are also lots of people skirting the law by stuffing their neighbours full of lovely home-laid eggs!

Having a few hens in your yard usually doesn't cause much trouble. Hens are usually very quiet, actually they make lovely cooing noises. You can definitely keep hens & have them lay eggs with out a rooster. But if you want a sustained flock, and higher egg production you're going to need a boy. That early morning crowing can get on the nerves of even the most egg-loving neighbour.

This is a great solution:


Built like a straw-bale house, this is the type of insulation we're considering for our coop. Luckily our roosters are back from the house awhile, I you really don't hear them until I set them out in the morning. At which point they like to start crowing battles, but by then it's a more civilized hour of day.

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