Wednesday, November 2, 2011


First Arrived in July

Outside for the first time

Enjoying the paddock

Enjoying the maggots

Coming in for dinner.
Their last day here
Crates from the processor ready to go
Off go the first group of 15
And then they came back.
Very impressed with the processor!

Got my weigh station all set up, had to work quick
to get them all into the freezer

Out biggest chicken!!
We had a 2.5Kg for dinner tonight
and put half away as leftovers...

Handsome looking group!

A freezer full of goodness!
I don't relish the death of the meat chickens, but I most certainly celebrate the life they lived. I celebrate that the meal my family shared tonight, we know where it came from, we know it was cared for, we know it ran with the grass between his feet (*sniff, sniff*).

Also it was flippin' delicious!! A little more texture then we're used to, but a downright yummy bird! The dark meat, something I normally hate because of the greasy taste, was just beautiful.

Half way through the meal hubs has to ask "You do realize this thing was running around on the farm yesterday right?" to which my reply was "You do realize it was flapping and squawking this morning, right?".

They arrived as those tiny fuzz balls and 3 months later they ended as these behemoths on our dinner table. It was a wonderful experience (if not, a lot of work) and like our 3 year old, I can't wait for the arrival of more chicks early spring.

I think I'm going to like thing country living thing... The food is definitely better.

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