Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coop Upgrade

I am a new feathers wearing!
 Some of the red stars have started to re-grow their feathers and I'm so glad! It means we're getting less eggs (although there is at least a dozen dozen in my fridge...) but I'm really happy to see the girls looking less straggly! You can see all her new feathers along her breast, there is a colour difference because the new feathers aren't fully formed yet.
Turkey pissed off the wrong Rooster!
 Someone got back at Tom here for going after the chicks...

 We got the former feed area of the coop fixed up at the top so the birds can't hop over the barrier any more. It's too bad because that is their favourite spot to roost, but also means I can keep the turkey completely separate at night.
They aren't too impressed with me

Which also means the chicks can
go back out to the coop!
They remember where the food is!
 Fully feathered, they're all out in the coop again, and seem to be doing very well. It's possible there is 1 hen in the bunch, but looks like a big batch of roosters. We'll be keeping Lenny's baby (the b&w on the right) and I'd like to keep the "raven" on the farthest left, if our other chick is a girl... well, looks like we'll  continue to have some very pretty chicks.

EE#1's nest got broken into again!

What she's supposed to be sitting on
 Not sure eggs in January is the best plan (eggs in November was a bit dicey!) but she's determined & I'll probably pull the chicks to raise them in the house as soon as they're hatched.

Good luck EE #3!
 Muscovy eggs take 31 days to hatch, chickens about 21 days. So there is little hope I can actually get her to sit on those eggs for the full hatch period, but there is no harm in trying.

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