Thursday, January 5, 2012


As a true and patriotic Canadian, I feel like I'm not complaining about the weather enough.

I never thought there was a combination of rain & snow that could actually make me yearn for the bitterly cold years we've had the last 2 winters, but I've found it.

The entire barnyard is a skating ring covered by about 1" of snow. So I look like a penguin while gingerly carrying feed (or eggs) back and forth with my arms out for balance. I'm quite sure I'd get my chores done very quickly if I just strapped my skates on to do it.

The horses both have a lovely thick coat on them, but it's much harder for all of us to endure those -35C with windchill nights, when it was -8C a day before. -15C is about my limit for enjoying the weather, anything past -30C and I'm hiding in the house.

I love winter, I really enjoy getting bundled up and going out to work outside. You reach a really nice internal temperature where you're just warm & cosy instead of sweaty, sticky and gross.The fresh snow gives the farm a beautiful and very clean look, and there is no mud.

But I hate ice. Not only is it far too dangerous for me to take the horses out for a ride, but I've noticed they are sticking to well worn paths in the paddocks.

The goats, are even staying inside the barn!

Right now, I'd take just about anything else over the weather we've been having so far. With 6C (!!!) temperatures forecast for tomorrow, at least the rain has been called off, looks like it's not going anywhere.

3 more months till spring...

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