Saturday, July 16, 2011

Billy Update

Billy is doing very very well!
He is turning 6 weeks (we think) this weekend, and he's gotten so fat he's ready to wean (which a bottle baby should be doing at 6 weeks anyway).

He's got his buddies the goats who are showing him he's bottom of the pecking order. A really good thing considering the massive weaponry that is coming in on his head!

jacob ram
Full grown Jacobs Ram
Souce: ALBC

His foot has healed and he's no longer limping. Amazing what a little bit of food & care will do for a lamb!

Billy has a home here for the rest of his life, and will hopefully be producing some lovely wool for me. He's just one of the family now, and comes running when you call for him. I'm sure something that will be only slightly less adorable when he's 120lbs! He's got a date with an elastic band in a few weeks (not for his horns) to keep him friendly.

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