Monday, July 11, 2011

Roll Call!

We've been here for just over a month now.
A very exciting, very exhausting month! 

The farm dogs
Madison (doberman x border collie) and Kayla (smooth coated collie)
5 & 4 1/2 and amazing puppies!

The beautiful and talented Iberian Warmblood Meg (AndalusianX) 

4 Shorthorn cows (2 mamas, 2 bull-babies) 

3 Muskovy ducklings

1 Mystery "Barn Rooster"
(he comes and goes as he pleases, no one is sure what he is)

6 Cuckoo Maran Chicks
(Were supposed to be Barred Plymouth rock!)

4 Narragansett Turkey

Lenny the Dominique rooster. 
(Also supposed to a BPR!)

Henny (Deleware) and her mystery-chick eggs.

Penny (a real Barred Plymouth Rock) laying hen 

The gorgeous & talented Miss Kitty.
She predicts the weather!
(not kidding, she was a stray who found us & she always seems to know when it's going to rain and heads inside for cover)

Not the brightest bulb in the box... but we love her :)

Oscar, a.k.a. Big Fat Oscar. 
Peaches' son, so we've had him since he was born, and he is the laziest, sweetest kitty that ever grew so large!

2 Saanen Goats 
(no names still!) 

And of course there is Billy!

We're finished expanding the farm for just right now, although if I can get things lined up, there may be just one more 4 hooved creature coming to stay. 

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