Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Henny did not do well at motherhood (ewwwwww)

Did not take any pictures to share because it was a little too much for me & I'm not all that squeamish. I had not yet moved Henny to a secluded nest away from the other chickens, and now I know why you are supposed to do that!

Originally she was setting on 4 eggs, a few days ago I noticed there were only 3. I thought, perhaps one was bad so she broke it, or it fell out of the nest by accident (sides are pretty high, that would be hard to do), or perhaps my 3 year old got behind my back and snuck it off somewhere (a very likely scenario), so I let it go.

I went in to turn in last night and I noticed she's in the wrong nest. Who thought chicken where this... well... they aren't smart! She had pecked open/the shell had broken on one of her remaining eggs (and there was definitely a chick in there, hence the no pictures -barf!-) and abandoned her other 2 for Penny's non-fertile egg.

Hennys remaining eggs were stone-cold, (while the non-fertile was nice and toasty!). I waited till dark to candle them, one is infertile & really surprisingly we got movement in the other. So we'll see what develops (or not)!

Henny & Penny may be joining the meat chicks (who are arriving before the end of the month!) on their final voyage. The ladies just aren't giving me eggs regularly and they are both bossy and un-friendly to the other chickens. They'd better pull of some pretty big trick if they want to stay.

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