Thursday, August 18, 2011

GARDEN: Curlie Zuks & Mangled Grapes

(blog note: I'm going to be moving posts over from "Nes' Garden" when I get some time, it's really silly to have two, when they really are related topics)

 No, this isn't some sort of brilliant grape-growing trimming strategy... the goats got out. They love those grape leaves! Really hoping the poor thing will survive to produce some grapes this year, but I'll be happy if it just survives!

I can't believe how large it has grown in so short a time, we're going to have to provide it with more room/support for next year. And maybe some more 'friends'.


Curly produce is a sign of poor pollination, which is pretty surprising in our garden, and not an issue I've had to deal with yet. 

If I had to guess what had caused this problem:

(1) Our neighbouring fields are commercial farmers, and the herb/pesticides are just flying over there! Not something that makes me very happy, but they were here first and it's not like I can put up big mesh tarps to protect my organic garden.

(2) not having any time for the garden means there are tons of weeds, and we may have too few pollinators with too much to choose from.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can use this as support in my argument we should get a bee hive (a fight I am never going to win)...

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