Monday, August 15, 2011

Slowly coming together

The dilapidated front fence gets
a helping hand back up

I love old cedar fences, but they do need to be maintained properly over the years or they degrade into heaps of rotting logs. Bottoms get rotten out and posts need to be replaced. This old fence needed a really good heave-hoe to get it back up.

Really a temporary situation

 The whole fence needs to be replaced at this point, and those support posts should be completely in-line not sticking out into the paddock. But at least the gate closes now!!

 Clean up is slowly progressing, the old dog kennel came down so the cow can go in the barn. There is a pentagon shaped concrete pad (of all things!) we need to figure out what to do with, mostly because it's 1' above the surrounding dirt. Tripping hazard for the larger stock, but the goats think it's a great place to climb!

Next is getting that whole left side of this picture DOWN. Thankfully there is a fence so the animals can't get in there but it all needs to go before it comes down on it's own. It's a good space for a little run-in so maybe we can salvage some parts and that is what we'll put back there.

There is black gold under this thing!!
Just got to get it all to the garden
and we'll have monster veggies next year!

Very next project is the old manure machine. It was standing when we first came to see the house but it has fallen since. It's a neat machine, but it doesn't beat the ATV with a wagon so we're going to take the whole thing down. It's already out of the 'horse section' so that there is more head-room over there. 


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