Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Update on the Gang

Look who finally lost that nasty horn! 
Yes, he looks really dumb now, the poor thing!

Can't believe how quickly these guys are growing! (Their tummies especially)
I've learned not to wear draw-string pants, or leave the camera in my pocket with the string sticking out because it goes straight into Diego's mouth!

Our scrawny little lamb, is not so scrawny or little any more.

We elasticated all the boys here, basically it's just an elastic band that cuts off blood flow to the tissue so the testicles just die and fall off. Safe, cheap and effective way to neuter your boys, which is fine, I just wasn't expecting to be there when things fell off...

I was feeding Maddie, so of course all the goats came running over to grab a bite, when I tripped over Billy, sent him flying, and his balls flying in the opposite direction.

I'm just hoping some animal is going to come by and collect the wooly balls from the field overnight...

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