Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fall Hatch Report

Dear Santa, I'd like an incubator for Christmas.

The ladies did not do very well, we'll have to compare with any spring/summer hatches and see how they do then.

Coco  between 7 to 14 eggs (after the girls snuck in & laid more eggs for her), 0 hatched.

EE #1 7 eggs 4 chicks (1 DNS - my fault)

EE #2 11 eggs 3 healthy chicks (at least 2 DNS premature?)

The remaining 6 are very healthy, and are starting to have all their feathers come in. The Maraan baby* and one of the EE babies are the largest and I'm expecting those two to be full sized birds. 

*Looks like a roo! & we have a Lenny Jr.

The funny thing is that EE#2, miss nasty, has stolen all the chicks! EE#1 will still come to the defense of her chicks but it's #2 who cares for them during the day, cuddling all 6 under her wings.

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