Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Bonnie you are an evil, evil, goat enabler!! :)

Yankey didn't fit in so well at first, she was fine the first few days, and then decided she was top-goat of this pack of wimps (which she really really is!) and like any dictator started taking it too far... In fact I put her in an Ad up for sale.

But things have settled down now, the boys have accepted she's queen of the barn and Harry is just head over tail in love with her! Too bad for Harry he lost his balls quite a few months ago...

So when Yankey starting showing heat signs today, and Bonnie let me know she had a cutie-pie (!!!) little Alpine who was looking for a home... Well!

Here is Survy!

Struttin' his tiny stuff!

He's almost 6 months old, a June baby, so
around the same age as the other boys

Who are terribly jealous!

But Yankey likes him! That's all that matters.

Harry is most jealous of Survy's balls!

Doesn't he have a sweet face??

Actually he's just perfect for Yankey, I
think they'll make a lovely match.
Even if he doesn't catch her on this heat he'll get her on the next & soon enough we'll have a lovely pack of goats just bouncing around off the walls and sneaking out under the fences.
Megs is impressed with the new arrival,
Maddie couldn't care less and with Megs
distracted didn't want to take his head
out of the hay...

So Hares still keeping a good eye on his lady
friend but I've put on a little Barry White
in the barn and hopefully we'll have some
early May kids!

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