Thursday, December 15, 2011

Murder Most Fowl!

One of our little 6 week old chicks was killed in the coop, so if you're soft at heart you may not want to see the next picture.

I was out all afternoon yesterday and I don't even think he was dead when I first got back and poked my head in the coop, but may have been before I came in to check/feed/water an hour after that.

Not sure if it was some sort of predator, the other chickens, or even just an accident. His little neck was broken and it looked as though something tried to take his leg off.

Really hoping it wasn't a rat, but on the possibility it was the turkeys, and since I had this spot cleaned out anyway, we separated them. I was hoping to get our Jr. Roo in here with the other Marrans for breeding, but that can wait.

I'm keeping an eagle-eye on our remaining chicks, momma EE#2 has stolen all the babies and is keeping them right under her wings today too. Being a chick is tough!

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