Friday, January 27, 2012

Goat Stall

A.k.a. FINALLY! Can be a little hard to pin-down the maintenance guy around here. So we start with the stuff that really really needs to get done before we move onto the stuff the neeeeds to get done. This neeeeeded to get done.

Harry isn't nearly as impressed
as I am

And now it is!

Taa-daa the goats finally have their own stall!
But I want to chew your boots
and nibble your pockets!

Now, it's not perfect, but it's very functional for right now; and I actually like that door swings in because I can retrieve the water bucket without loosing all the goats with it!

Billy is less upset
For now Billy is left to roam around the hallway - he can go chat with Hare & Di over the fence if he wants, but he's just happy to get away from Yankey (who still hates him).
Looks like she's back in heat again

Eventually we'll be turning the stall beside the pig's stall into the Billy's own stall, (and then a nursery for Yank's kids - if she has any). 

The future site of the Billy stall

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