Friday, March 9, 2012

Easter Egger Nests

Originally the Xs I put on the eggs were quite small, then I realized it was pretty difficult to actually see the Xs, so I re-drew them all today a lot bigger. I had to remove another 4 eggs from the nest today, it's a very popular spot!

EE #2's Nest is 3 days younger, but we should have all the chicks hatch around the same time. She's got 10 eggs, the warm dark brown ones are maran, the lighter ones are an assortment and the tiniest are Easter Eggers & the most white should be from the polish.

EE #3s nest should be hatching around the 24th of March, I already know a few of them are fertile and growing well. She's got 11 eggs, again lots of marans (which I brought over from the smaller breeding group's nest so their purebred), then the blue is another Easter Egger, and other assorted dark brown eggs.

I've selected for my favourite eggs which are the dark brown ones that have a smooth coating on them. So far these have had the best taste, they are easier to clean, and have had the fewest blemishes. So especially the marans which have been inbred back on their own line, they should produce hens that lay eggs that are most like they ones they lay themselves.

Good luck mommas!
EE#3 giving me the chicken-death-stare
for messing with her

EE #2 settling back on her eggs

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