Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring, not the prettiest...

In my over-zealousness to get the barn aired out & de-frosted, I left one too many doors open and the cows got into the front where the hay is stored. No damage at all but they did fill their bellies! I was attempting to get a photo of them fleeing back to the paddock for you guys (they knew when they saw me they were in trouble!) but as you can see the goats had other ideas about whom I should be paying attention too... 

 Early Spring is definitely not the prettiest time of year around here! 
 We've had a very warm week and a few days of double-digit temperatures all the snow is melting (but not yet the ice!).

This is also a really bad sign for our young shoots of grass that are been trampled down by the horses big hooves, and nibbled up!

One more point for getting the fencing done a.s.a.p. this summer.

The horses really aren't too upset about the weather though!

Of course my hose is STILL frozen deep into the ground!! 

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