Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Garden Work Pt. 2

 Day 2 brings even more digging and lots more chicken friends!

I use twine & step-in posts for the fence to keep my lines straight as I make my beds, measuring evenly out from the shop.

The shop has some covered over doors, and I think someone used to keep pigs in there, long before it was a shop. So as I dug I found both a hard bedrock layer, and in some areas, evidence of stone-dust having been put down.

Which made double-digging these areas really difficult because I couldn't get through those spots and I had to single dig.

 The length of the beds have to do with where the sun/shadows stop, so these beds won't be as hot and sunny as the next ones out the garden. The width of them are simple the length I can reach into the beds from either side. It makes no sense to have beds you can't reach in to weed with out stepping on your veggies.

I'll adjust how much veggie plants needs to be spaced out by how big the beds are. With good, fertile, soil you can squish things much closer together then you can with poorer soils.

All ready for planting!

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