Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Garden Work Pt. 4

 I got driven out of the garden because of rain and other obligations, but I got the ground work laid for the last bit of work in this section of garden.

Tomato horn-worm larva a.k.a. the enemy
But good things is, they are delicious! Uh, to chickens!
Chickens helping me look under
the sod

I'm going to be removing all the sod in between the garden and the current bushes. Mostly so I can grow more things! I'll be covering the paths around the garden in wood chips from my giant pile (another great use for them!).

Right against the shop I'll have some lattice of fence or something holding up things like peas and climbing beans.

Then the next bed in will hold things like bush beans, and lots and lots of carrots and other root veggies to get down into the stone-dust.

The largest bed will hold all my hot plants since it get the most sun, things like pepper and tomatoes.

Then the smallest bed on the far left is for corn since the sun moves left to right across my garden from this angle. 

I still have lots of space on the back of this photo up to where my first beds are (covered in plastic there). I'm going to put some more beds in there to hold squash too!

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