Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Garden Work Pt. 3

Happy chickens full of worms
 I let the chickens join me in the garden for a few reasons, the best of which is free food for the chickens! They've been removing pests from my garden while saving big on our food bill which is fantastic. They also help to break out the clumps of soil while they dig, which is less work for me.

Garden is starting to look like a real veg patch! 
Moved the compost inside the garden.
Not much goes in it since we have the manure piles
but it is more convenient for kitchen scraps. 
Since I wasn't able to double-dig the end of the garden closest to the camera here (because of the stone dust) I'm hoping to be able to stimulate the weeds to grow so I can pick them out (or break them off with the hoe) before I start planting in these beds. Part of this is to water the beds, so I'm watering my weeds!

Of course then it rained for two days...
All done for the day!
Over the coming years we will be able to add all the lovely manure from the muck pile to the garden and build up a really nice deep layer of soil so this won't be an issue.

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