Monday, April 16, 2012

Pasture Clean Up

Wasted Hay
Texans look away.
Quite a bit was still frozen in the middle
Something the article suggested would happen
Making little bunches to pick up
 Overall the winter bale grazing went well and we'll do it again. Next year I'm going to combine it with restricting access to one bale at a time, as well as keeping the cattle penned away from the feed over night. (This is based on another study I'll share later)

In the mean time, I have to clean up the hay rings left from the hay out in the field. There was only one bale the animals didn't eat and it was very very mouldy. Probably bales wet from the edges of the hay pasture.

The original article says that a few inches of hay is fine, the grass will come up through it, but anything deeper needs to be chopped or moved.

Ideally we'd be keeping the animals off the acreage we'd used to winter bale graze, with limited space and no fences we're not able to do that this year, so manual labour is my only solution.

Or this one I spread around to even out the nitrogen

Most of the bales got eaten completely down
and don't need any attention

Pastures are coming back nicely
and hopefully well fertilized for this summer! 

Trouble goes by the name "Harry" around here
On the ground they want nothing to do with it
but now it's all piled up on the trailer... 

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