Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick Cat Repair

 What a week!!

Rufus had a little abscess on his side, I missed getting a picture of it, but basically it grew to be the size of about a golf ball but more oval shaped. I could feel it petting him, it was soft but firm and would not slip around under this skin (which is what happens if it's a little fat ball). Not sure how he got it, could have been a cat bite (he arrived with a good scratch on his nose) or an insect bite, or something else.

The best treatment was to just leave him be & let it burst on it's own, which it did, and now he's feeling  much better. I thought he'd be on the other side of the barn as soon as I got him with the liquid bandage, but he really didn't seem to mind. A ball of frozen ground beef really helped with that though!

Burst Abscess
Sporting some bling of his own

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