Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Chicken Repair

 I've run out of good animals names and the new hamburgs have been saddled with "Spotty" and "Dotty". Yep... Poor things.

'nyway, the hamburgs have a neat high-stepping gate, but dotty has been spending a lot of time, either laying down or when she does move she's REALLY picking up her feet, so I noticed quickly something was off. The trick was catching her!

I was told by her last owner that they were great birds, always running around the barnyard. I will tell you, my chickens who run around the barnyard, who peck and scratch in the dirt, wear their nails down very quickly. Dotty's nails are not nailed down. Nor are her feet those of a particularly young bird.

Regardless, first of all her nails needed to be cut. This is just like trimming a cat or dog's nails, try to avoid the quick. So her toes just got a little trim, as soon as her foot heals she should be out scratching around.

She also had a few small cuts in her foot so I used iodine and then my liquid bandage to cover it. She's still hopping around quite a bit but looks a whole lot more comfortable and has been out & about out of the barn finally.

Spotty & Dotty are just attached at the wing-tip though, I've never seen anything like it. If Spotty goes out to get a drink or go look for food Dotty will start screaming bloody murder for him to come back. So at least I don't have to lock them in a little cage to keep them breeding pure, as they're doing that on their own.

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