Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Last Sunday, on just about the hottest day you can imagine (I believe it was 46C with the humidex) we decided it go pick up 200 bales out of the field. 

Our lovely hay just waiting to be picked up.

Didn't get quite as much of the old stuff out of the hay-bays as I wanted, so it filled up quite quickly! We're going to need 100-300 more depending on who are occupants are going to be for the winter.

Mighty tasty looking stuff & we got an amazing deal on it!

It's about 10% wild canary (which the horse won't touch, it's too course) and 90% beautiful soft, thin orchard grass which is my favourite for them. 

There is almost no clover that I could see, which makes me really happy! While lots of people like clover in their hay, because it's high protein, my gal is a very easy keeper, after a month on our pasture she already looks like a beach ball (pretty impressive given the condition her leaser left her in May). 

Mmmm, looks good enough to eat!

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