Thursday, July 28, 2011

Skinny on the cows.

Our farmer popped by the other day for a hello, so I got the full story on the cows.

Hilda is a shorthorn x Limousin cross, which is why she's bigger & lighter in colour. She's about 7 years old.

Gertie is a pure-bred shorthorn, around 6 years and has probably been milked before. Gotta say, I'm still a little too scared of those big hooves to try that one! 

We're thinking if we get a nice cow calf out of one of our girls that we want to keep, I may try milking her, if we can keep her friendly. The only thing with a milking cow, is that once you start milking you really can't stop & you've got to be around and available every single day to do it. Or find a farm-sitter who wants to go above and beyond! 

Their morning nap spot against the barn
If we do decide to keep a calf one year we'll have to buy some more cows off our farmer. We're selling to friends/family at $4/lb and our second steer was spoken for before he even arrived! The farmer does have some more beef to sell still, you can contact me if you're local & hungry. I don't think his are going in until the fall, but grass-finished, no hormone & they are yummy! 

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