Friday, July 29, 2011

Water Cleanliness

Someone should be able to bet you $10 and you'd drink out of your animals water trough. If that idea makes you gag - you need to scrub your buckets pronto.

This is a cut-up barrel. Not really my ideal water bucket
but it's nice and low so the goats/sheep can get into it

Clean water is the easiest way to keep your animals healthy. All it costs is a $4 scrub brush from TSC and some elbow grease.

I like to do mine every other day in the heat of summer, that way all I need is the pressure-nozzle on the hose to clean all the algae out & it's a really quick & easy job! Plus the grass doesn't mind a little extra watering.

Yes, most animals will drink out of filthy puddles, but they will drink more out of fresh clean running streams.

The nice new bucket, give it a quick spray every other day &
it still looks just like new! 

Livestock must have access to clean drinking water at all time of day. Doesn't matter if they are just going out in the field for an hour or two, throw a bucket over the fence. If nothing else, if something should happen (an animal gets outs, you fall down and break a leg, get caught in a traffic jam) you'll know your animals are out with fresh clean water and you can concentrate on the emergency at hand instead of getting someone home to water.

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