Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cow & Flies

I. Hate. Flies.

Part of having cows, is that they seem to manufacture flies! I've never seen as many flies in a horse stable (although there usually are a few) as you find around the cows. No matter how many cows you have on what acreage, the flies just love them.

So part of living around cows is that unless you can get in through the walls, you bring flies in with you (even worse when you've got kids and pets).

One thing I discovered this year are these window fly traps. They work disgustingly well, far better then the hanging fly strips.

We don't have a single fly in our barn because the animals are out as much as possible and we've got the chickens in there to eat any maggots that do grow. We do still have quite a few out in the field, if I could I would keep 100 chickens out there with the animals to keep eating all the maggots. They do an amazing job.

Last summer/early fall is my most aggravating time for flies, they are slow and stupid and annoying and hard to catch; so I've armed the kids with fly swatters and hopefully they'll actually get a few in between whacking each other.

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