Sunday, September 11, 2011

The sceptic paddock

Out on the side of our house lays the septic bed. It's kinda tucked out of the way, with some cedar fencing to keep the livestock off it; it would be really bad news for the bed if the cows got over here. But we do have a few little creatures, with small, light hooves who do a bang-up job keeping it trimmed.

Plus it's close to the house, so my little bottle babies can maaaa or baaaa for "mom" any time they want. It's nice to be able to watch them out the kitchen window. 

It's raining out here
can I come in?
After driving me crazy for days I found out the front fence had heaved right up and there was a 2' gap for the goats to get out near the road. They're doing a great job clearing out the brush out front, and eventually I'd like to get some e-net so they can clear out all the weeds out there. It's not safe to have them just wandering around road-side though.

For now we've got a temporary fence up that actually keeps them in! We've had no more escapes, and I think we've plugged all the holes in the entire fence. The goats/Billy love having their own little paddock. We'll be re-doing this fence when we re-fence the front of the property, but that is years away.

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