Saturday, September 17, 2011

How long till Thanksgiving?

Almost full-grown Narragansett Turkey
Hmmm... I wonder who ate all my tomatoes...

Garden fence is in the works for next year! Once the turkeys started flying over their dilapidated run fence (long story, also in the plans for next year), I had to start leaving the door open so they could get back into the coop. Evidently, they really enjoy green, just about to turn, tomatoes.

Everyone who comes for a visit asks, "Are those the little baby ducks!?!?". Yes, the tiny little balls of fuzz from June are about the size of a cat/small dog now. I can see why Muscovy are raised for meat! They grew the best this year out of all our poultry, and are huge. This is Huey the biggest, showing off his silent squeak. Fear not, these guys are our breeding group so they are not destined for the dinner table, in the spring when we have tons of new little ducks... well, I'd better start collecting recipes!

I'm about 90% sure we've got Huey & Louie the boys, then 3 lady ducks who still need names (including Dewey, but I really can't keep calling her that). Muscovy are difficult to sex, but males are much larger and all these guys are supposed to have been born around the same time (Early May(ish) 2011). 

I don't think these South American ducks (the wild stock domestics come from) are going to have any trouble staying warm this winter!

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