Friday, September 16, 2011

KSCC: Keep it Organized.

 Pretty sure it's not just knitters with sticky-fingered kids that have this problem, but most of us. It's just worse when you've got little kids who want to touch all the soft fibre (who can blame them?)

Some weeks I really spend more time undoing
knots then knitting
The wound ball
Learning how to wind a proper ball is definitely one of the knitting basics you should know but don't always get taught. There are YouTube videos (great way to learn new knitting techniques) but it's very simple. Leave a little tail, then wind around two of your fingers until you get enough to start winding around in the other direction. As long as you make sure you leave the tail clear for pulling later, you'll have a perfect little ball for your kids to unravel around your main floor in no time!

There are commercial ball-winders you can purchase, but I've always found them more expensive then I want to pay for doing something I actually enjoy and don't have to do often.

Once they are in little balls I keep my wool in zip-lock baggies in a big tub. Not the most environmentally friendly method, but it keeps me from spending hours untangling.

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