Thursday, September 29, 2011

Garden: The Ignored Garden is still a Fruitfull One

Everyone can vegetable garden. Everyone.

Zucchini (left) Spaghetti Squash (right)
I've had a few years of practice, so I'd like to think I've accumulated a little knowledge of what I'm doing; but this year I had no time to fuss with the garden, no time to weed, no time to tend plants or deal with mildew on the squash. I've only had time to gaze at it fondly as a I walk past to do other things, and promise the tomatoes to take better care of them next year.

However, look what the garden gave me.
Spaghetti Squash (left) Green tomatoes that
were knocked off their stems (right), beans (back)
got too ripe and I'll save them for seeds.

I think this is my best year for tomatoes! We've got bucket-loads of them just waiting to turn ripe. Or I did, until the turkeys got in there...

The one thing I didn't get any of was the peppers and cucumbers I planted, they were smothered by weeds and stayed too small. They were also the plants we bought from the nursery; all the ones I started at our last placed, abused by leaving too long in the pot, then threw in the garden hoping something would happen... they did the best!

The cucumbers are too hard to transplant, but I moved some of the peppers indoors under lights in hope we'll have a mid-winter bounty. Most of the plants succumbed to an early freeze when issues with the fence conflicted with me having the time to cover the plants. If I had been able to just throw some plastic over them, I'd probably have been able to get a harvest as that really extends the season well.

I've seen tons of people with beautiful veg gardens out on the patio of their Condo, or grown indoors under lights in the winter, or using the square-foot method in a tiny urban garden. If you've got $3 for seeds, you can do it too.

I never liked zucchini or tomatoes or broccoli until I grew them in my own garden. They do not taste like anything you get at the grocery store. Maybe it's the work and effort you put into them, but really I think it's just that they are grown properly.

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