Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That's it for the tree!

Hubby got the big dead tree in the paddock cut down, we took most of it for wood for the house but there was some of it that just wasn't a good size plus we had some old fence posts out here that had to go!

Diego & Harry "helping"
The whole pasture is really coming together. The grass has been cropped really short in some spots, but there are other spots that still have enough for the animals to browse on. The goats have done an amazing job getting the weeds down all over the place. Can't wait to get the new fences in next year (I hope!).

The pastures should come back beautifully as long as we keep the animals off them early spring, with all the drainage I'm not that worried about soggy fields but we'll have to see! With all the nitrogen the grass has gotten this year, plus if we can rotate the fields, we'll be sitting pretty for sure.

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